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used by Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine in 400 B.C.....

Free eBook shared genrously and freely by the Bragg Health Crusaders, dedicated to sharing the miracles of apple cider vinegar for a stronger, longer, healthier life!

This old adage is true: " An apple a day helps keep the doctor away"

  • Do you want to maintain a youthful skin and vibrant body and retard the onset of ageing?
  • Do you want to fight germs, viruses and bacterial naturally?
  • Do you want to aid and maintain digestion, assimilation and body's Natural pH balances?
  • Do you want to fight arthritis and remove toxins and where they hide from joints, tissues and organs?
  • Do you want to control and normalize your weight?
  • Do you want a go to natural miracle elixir to remove artery plaque, regulate calcium, maintain blook consistency, normalize pH, relieve sore throats, help prevent itching, acne, sinus, asthma and flu symptoms

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